About Us

Embrace Purity

Welcome to Honey of Arabia, where wellness & luxury fuse bringing to you the finest in pure Yemeni Honey. Sourced from the charming mountains of Hadramaut. Naturally harvested by traditional apiarists for centuries, we exclusively source to you a luscious selection of raw honey.

Honey of Arabia owns an exquisite variety of pure, raw honey; each gift respectively offering its own unique health benefits poured from a multitude of blooming nectar’s. These ancient trees have been home to these honeybees for generations.

Our Exclusive Luxury Pure Honey Collection.

Well renowned for its supreme quality & natural healing properties. Honey of Arabia is a reflection of tasteful delicacy, illuminating an elegant yet native brand, unveiling a traditional tale of Arabian history.

VII’ Sidr is our most affluent signature honey. The Sidr tree is emphasized in scriptures as a symbol of beauty, strength and grandeur. The Sidr honey is reputed to heal skin disorders, liver problems, stomach ulcers, respiratory infections, digestive problems, eye diseases, sinusitis, inflammation of the the urinary canal, burns and wounds, to name a few.

The Sidr tree was named as the furthest Boundary (the absolute limit of the created intellect) and was a sight that could not be imagined. Metaphorically described as the seventh heaven; hence VII Sidr, our exclusive luxurious & aromatic honey is also known as Royal Sidr Honey.

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