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Frequently Asked Question!

Our honey is not adulterated in any form, this is ensured by testing each batch of the Honey we procure. Also, we source our wild honey from the natural bee hives in the forests where there is zero human intervention this ensures that our honey cannot be adulterated.

Honey can be stored indefinitely because it does not get spoilt. As our honey is raw and we do not process it, it can get crystallised in colder weathers but this is perfectly fine as it is a natural process.

No, it is not safe to feed any honey to children who are less than 1 year old as they do not have the necessary ability to digest honey. However it is perfectly safe to feed honey to children who are more than 1 year old.

Yes, our honey is rich in antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, which will help treat any external wounds.

We pack our honey jars in the best possible with a lot of packaging material way to avoid any damage to the jars while shipping.

Yes, honey with warm water consumed on a daily basis can purify your blood and help in loosing extra fat stored in your body.

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